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Over the years my spouse put up with me. I was a typical macho man. I had all the answers, except knowing how to listen. Knowing that women relieve stress by talking about what’s bothering them.

I am thankful that she had a lot of friends to talk out her problems with. This is probably how I remained married for over 40 years.

This Rule is a two way street. Women need to learn how men process stress, and men need to learn how women process stress.

When we have an incorrect understanding of how men and women process stress differently, stress can escalate.

Basically, women process stress by talking about it.

Women need to be heard and understood. No solutions which men have a natural tendency to give of very freely.

Men process stress by dissociation.  

Men just want to be left alone so that they can think about their problems, come up with a solution or forget about it.

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Men vs Women?

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