Relationship Death Trap!

Relationship Death Trap!

Over the years I have seen many couples get divorced. I have seen this one thing happen that keeps them from getting back together or making up to prevent the split up. 

Its the yo-yo affect. After troubles build up because of ignoring the problem for many months or years, the relationship explodes. 

Now the split comes into play and they go their separate ways. As each partner cools off, they decide maybe we should work this out. One partner will approach the other and unfortunately the other has not cooled off as of yet.  Bad timing. They meet, one tries to work things out the other  is still in pissed-off mode and once again theres fire-works.

We go our separate ways once more.

Now the first one to try and make amends is renewed in his discontent with his partner. 

After the fight, his partner starts thinking, maybe I should try to work with him and goes to talk. Now she is calm and he is in his renewed state of pissed-off. 

You guessed it, another fight and this time the roles are reversed. 

I have seen this go on and on.

Maybe there should be a cool off period for both to agree on. once that has been meet and both parties agree they are ready to talk, a short meeting could be arranged to see if things could be worked out calmly. Each has to agree not to piss of the other. 

Life is to be enjoyed and shared with others.

 Just my thoughts.  Keith K Wilhelm 

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