Happiness Quotient Boosting Secret!

Happiness Boosting Quick and Easy Program.

The Habit Breaking Card System.

The card method that I used over 40 years ago to quit smoking is fun and easy to use.  You can use it to boost your “Happiness Quotient.”  If it can help break the horrific cigarette habit, it can help you make a few changes to improve your happiness quotient. 

I was having a horrible time quitting the deadly disease ridden habit of smoking cigarettes.  My dad died from them at age 53, and my brother had a debilitating heart attack at age 47.  The rest of my family and I are doing fine.  The rest of us quit smoking early or didn’t smoke at all.  Well, my Mom also passed away from a brain tumor, but in her 70’s, she lived many years longer than my dad.  She did not smoke.

The Process:

All I did was write on a small piece of paper, “I do not need these.”  Then I placed that piece of paper in between the cellophane wrapper and the cigarette pack so that I could read it every time I had that pack of cigarettes in my hand. 

Reading the card every time I went to get another cigarette quickly began to change my sub-conscious belief that I needed a cigarette.  

I had quite two other times without success.

My third attempt to quit smoking using my Habit Breaking Card System worked for the rest of my life.

So, what does this have to do with happiness boosting?

My short story about cigarettes shows the power of what we tell our selves every day.  These stories play out our days and make it very difficult to change.  When we do something over and over again, it becomes a habit and eventually becomes a belief in our subconscious mind.  When we reach this point, it is challenging to make changes.

The Habit Breaking Card System is more than just a stop smoking program.

The Habit Breaking Card System is also for increasing your happiness quotient.

If you finally quit smoking wouldn’t it be great if you could be happier also?  A little boost of happiness may be all you need to stay smoke-free for the rest of your life.

The following is an example to get you started.  What will work best for you is about what is happening in your life? 

Take a little time and reminisce about what is happening in your life that you would like to improve or change.   Then try the “Habit Breaking Card System.”

Goal: boost your happiness quotient.

The following are five examples to provide you with a guide to make some significant changes.  They are not written in stone.  Make changes to them or change them completely to fit into your life.  Everyone is different and has their own set of habits and beliefs that make them who they are.

Habits and beliefs make you unique.  

How to do the program:

It’s so simple.  Take a card and write down on it something you want in your life or want to change and read it every day.  You can use 3/5 cards, post-it notes, or a plain piece of paper, or even use your daily planner.   One secret key is to write your cards in cursive.   Writing is a gateway to the subconscious mind.  If you are a paperless person, then, by all means, use your phone app. 

Example 1:  On your card write, “Today is going to be a fantastic day.” Smile great big.”  “Say it out loud.” Put this on your bed and read it first thing in the morning.  Do this until you notice your happiness quotient improving. 

Example 2: On your card write, “Today I am thankful for my life.”  Or insert something specific that you are thankful for, big or small.  One very positive teacher I know put on Facebook that first thing in the morning she is grateful that her eyes open and she can see.

Example 3:  On your card write, “Today I am eating for my health.”  Put this card in your wallet so that you see it at dinner or anytime you eat at a restaurant. This will help you begin to choose healthier meals.

Example 4: On this card write something about a bad habit you want to change.   I used this one to quit smoking.  On my card I wrote, “I do not need these.”   Write it positively and state it as if you have already accomplished your change. 

Once you have your card written out, put it somewhere you’ll see it

every day. Read with emotion and often.

You will notice a change in a brief time.  Go and do it right now

while this page is up.

Another Card Example for Healthy Eating, Click  Here!

Email me with the Contact Form and let me know how it worked for you.


Keith K Wilhelm

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