Food and Stress!

​What you eat matters!

Before you eat, think to yourself, will this build my body or harm me? 

Daily we are bombarded with advertising, friends and family to eat things that taste good but are harmful to our bodies when consumed regularly. 

If you think before you take a bite, “will this food build up my body or harm me,” you will soon find making healthy decisions comes easier. 

Try eating healthier foods and getting a good nights sleep. When you do you  will discover that you ability to brush of and deal with stress goes up. Life gets easier and you feel great. 

Its that simple.

Do you want some simple help making​

healthier food choices?

This question is designed to help you to become more aware of the food choices you make. 

Print it out and put it on your refrigerator. Each time you read the question it helps you stop and think, enabling you to break old unhealthy habits.

To print out the image for your refrigerator click here.

One other thing you can do is set the alarm on your cell phone with this message as a reminder.  If you are not sure how to do this, google how to do it for your own specific phone. There are too many different phones for me to list them all accurately. 

Do you want more help with eating healthy and getting fit check this article out and watch the free video. Click here.

I would love to hear how well this help you!   Send me an email.

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