Dinner Chatter! 

Back in the 1990’s I joined a club to learn how to communicate better with people. I was always shy and spoke very slow. Toastmasters helped me break out of my shyness and improved my speaking abilities tremendously.  

I remember one lady that mentored me a lot. Dawne was her name. I asked her once how she learned to talk so well. Her answer I still remember. “She said, everyday after school we sat around the dinner table and took turns telling stories.”

I grew up on a farm. When dinner was over we went straight to the barn to milk the cows and do the many other chores that awaited us.

In school I took only the neccessary classes, because I could not see how they would ever help me.   Boy was that a huge mistake which I am still paying for. 

Thanks to Toastmasters and other courses I have taken over they years, I can finally communicate like a pro.

Don’t let this happen to your children! 

Get them communicating. Each night talk with them, ask them questions that are easy for them to answer. Get them to make up stories. One easy way to start is giving them each a topic to speak on. Start with very simple things like, An apple or orange which do you prefer and why?

You will also chime in with topics they ask you about. Everyone wins, everyone improves and your family becomes a stronger more tightly knit unit. 

You can find topics everywhere. 

Just google table topics and you can buy cards to use or just search for ideas and get them for free.

Make it easier on everyone by appointing a Dinner Chatter headmaster for each day or each week and they can be the leader  for the day or week.  Just one more skill, leadership, your children can learn at home having fun.

If communication is a weak spot for you join Toastmasters. There are clubs all  over the world and in almost every city. Here is a link to Toastmasters: https://www.toastmasters.org/  then clcik on the link “Find a Club.”

Happy chatting, Keith

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