Are you pandemic stricken? 

To get you started I have added a free article to help people immediately boost their stress resistance and more effortlessly deal with the daily stress brought on by the new pandemic.

The title of the article is:  The Magic of Gratitude!

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Are you ready for Big Change?

Life is way too short to be living in the crap.

Empowerment comes from making a few simple changes about how we think and do things. 

This site provides many different ways to Empower your life. 


You can start making your life better today.  


You can stop the negativity loop from running in your mind.




It’s Not Magic, It just seems like it! 

Learn to discover your life’s problems and start dealing with some of them.  You will soon notice that when you blast one problem out of your life, the other problems don’t seem quite as big.

It’s sometimes called the snowball effect. Problems dealt with empower you, problems not dealt with, snowball, getting bigger and bigger. 

Step 1: What’s bothering you?   Write it down. 

Step 2: Discover how to deal with it.  For every problem, there is a way to deal with it. Sometimes, more than one.  

This site is dedicated to providing Steps, Tips, and Tricks to become Stress-Free and Empowered. Make sure you click the Gratitude link. This process made a huge difference in my life, especially when I was out of work.


Try this one for starters.


Living in gratitude is like magic.

I began this marvelous transformation a few years ago.  Shortly afterward I would find myself at work, (a place I hated), bouncing through my day and sometimes whistling. Now that was Magic.

Click the following link to learn more about how to,

 The Magic of Gratitude!

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